The Town of Warwick
Has It All

Located in the heart of New York’s beautiful Hudson Valley, the Town of Warwick has it all. Scenic vistas, a welcoming community rich with history and culture, close proximity to New York City, and a convenient location at the crossroads of the northeast just minutes from major rail, road, water, and air transportation routes. Long a bedroom community to New York City, Warwick now has outstanding opportunities for economic development and job creation right here at home. People will be able to work in the community where they live and play.

In 2014, the Warwick community pulled together to breathe new life into a shuttered correctional facility that cost the community hundreds of jobs when it closed. A private/public collaboration called the Warwick Valley Local Development Corporation was created to work with the State of New York in order to transfer ownership of the closed facility. The process was completed in early 2014 and the Warwick Valley Office & Technology Corporate Park was introduced.

The Corporate Park is comprised of  nearly 150 acres split between five lots ready and waiting for economic development. Four of the lots feature existing buildings of sturdy and attractive construction. The fifth lot is shovel ready and available for 10 pad sites of approximately 85,000 square feet each which have already been approved for subdivision by the Warwick Town Planning Board.

The property, located mid-way between the arts and crafts village of Warwick and the beautiful Village of Warwick, will be geared toward a campus-like corporate park environment. Already in place is sufficient power, redundant fiber options, municipal services, along with a location close to major transportation routes.

In Warwick Valley Office & Technology Corporate Park prospective businesses will find a warm and inviting community that is eager for job creation, open to economic development, and ready to act quickly to do the work necessary to make things happen.