Business Incentives
Redeveloping this site for economic development will have long-term positive benefits for not only the town and the county, but for the Hudson Valley region, and the State of New York as well. For that reason, a number of economic development agencies have stepped up with incentives to attract potential businesses, promote job creation, and encourage development.

Examples of New York State Incentive Programs and Grants are as follows:

  • Excelsior Jobs Program
  • Manufacturing Assistance Program
  • NYSERDA Energy Programs
  • JOBS Now Program
  • Job Development Authority Program (JDA)
  • Linked Deposit Program

The Orange County Industrial Development Agency (IDA) will assist eligible businesses with:

  • Real estate property tax abatement
  • PILOT agreements – Payment In Lieu of Taxes
  • Mortgage recording tax abatement
  • Sales tax exemptions for materials purchased for construction and equipment purchased for the project
  • Orange County is also a qualified Foreign Trade Zone.